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I work in California for a company with headquarters in

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I work in California for a company with headquarters in Ohio.
It is a large company, over 10,000 employees and over 10,000 in California.I am enrolled in health care through my company. The health care provider is Anthem Blue Cross. I pay my portion of the premium out of my paycheck monthly. I have been told that my company is self insured and Anthem only manages the process but my company actually pays the medical expenses after I pay the deductible and copay amounts.I am ending my employment with my company and going to a new company. The insurance with the new company will not start until 60 days after I start. My current has told me that my health insurance with them will end on midnight on my last day. That does not seem right because I will have paid for the full month already. I know I can sign up for COBRA and plan on doing that for the 60 days. My question is not about the COBRA. It is about ending my insurance on my last day of work.
Can they do that when I have paid the premium?
What is the law in this situation?Thanks

Hi! A few minutes please as I review your question so I can provide you with legal information-thanks!

The end of insurance may coincide with the last date of employment (whether one quits or is terminated) or it may extend to the end of the month.

The norm is to extend it to the last day of the month but with no regulations it is a matter of employer policy and is usually indicated in the employment contract, employee policy handbooks, etc

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Customer: replied 2 months ago.
But I paid the premium through the end of the month and they accepted the payment. How is that remedied?

The premium is refunded if the employer policy states that the insurance coverage ends on the date of termination of the employer/employee relationship.

This is not set in stone; the employer can make exceptions and may allow the insurance to continue throughout the month; but if this is not part of the contract the employer is not required; insurance is typically contingent upon ongoing employment. (a condition precedent)

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