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I am currently in a situation where I have no idea what to

Customer Question

I am currently in a situation where I have no idea what to do.
I made an agreement with my director. He gave me a chance due to my attendance issues within the month. If I was late once more he said I would have to resign.
But because of my boss lack of English and speech impediment. There was a misunderstanding.
On my 2nd to last day of work. I was accused of being late because I forgot to clock in and was given a hard time by one of my managers. I told them my story on what happened and why I didn't clock in. But I was no where near late. I was repeatedly telling the manager my story. And he even questioned my supervisor and the other staff that day. They all vouched for me and said I wasn't late. But he was still pressing me knowingly he was aware of my deal with the the director.
I got frustrated because he was making me repeat myself a lot and was wasting my lunch time. So I walked out on him and he said I'm going to have a meeting with the director.
So during whatever what's worth of my lunch break. I just turned my two weeks because I was being accused of being late so I just followed the agreement with my director.
So when I had my meeting with my director which he had me wait 2 hours for. He asked me what happened. And I said I was being accused of being late but I wasn't. He didn't let me finish my story and ended saying we had agreement. If you were late once more you would just resign. So I told him that I did. I turned in my two weeks notice. Then he said hat wasn't the agreement. You were suppose to process out. Then I apologized. I wouldn't have agreed to that deal if that's what you wanted. It's not easy trying to understand you. And you get offended if I told you so. So I asked him if I could finish the two weeks. He said no. I already told the he manager our deal. Then I said the deal I didn't fully understand? And he replied that he would let me finish the week of work. Which was only a day left ( Saturday) and then process out after. Then I said I'm going to miss this place. Shook his hand and worked the last day. But then the HR was closed half day on Saturday. So I still didn't process out and all I have is that 2 week form that I turned in. In which comes to action on the 01/22/2016.
What should I do when I come in on the 23rd to turn in my uniform and pick up my last check. I still had about 90 hours of pto ( paid time off) and I know they are going have me sign a backdate document. I just want to know my options. I was with company for 3 years and 6 months. The work is what I loved but the management treated me like turd. 2015 September. When I found out my house had burned down. They did not send me home when I requested to check my family safety. The managers always questioned me on my actions even though I was the who called me because it was procedure to do so. The managers questioned me when I was on medical restrictions and I had a vacation on a cruise ship. And when I came back the managers gave me hard time and asked me why am I still I restriction even though I said I had a doctors note saying in their file saying my restrictions was still in action for another 2 weeks.
Please tell me what I should do...
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: California Employment Law
Expert:  Attorney2020 replied 1 year ago.

What is it you desire to do?

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