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I embarked in a self-employment dream, opening a restaurant

Customer Question

I embarked in a self-employment dream, opening a restaurant in a small community, July, 2102. The dynamics and ultimately the fire disaster that hit our mountain ended my dream in September 2013. I passed the location to another family member who officially became the sole owner immediately after.
Late 2013, I was requested an audit from the EDD. Since I relocated back to my county of residence, I asked the audit be transferred to San Diego from San Bernardino. An interview was scheduled March, 2014. Instead, I received a call that I was to take all files to San Bernardino. Once again, I requested my case to be transferred. That was the last I heard from EDD. Last week, I had a levy imposed on my checking account. I made the call to find out that a levy of 7995.00 was ordered.
As I continue to investigate, I was told by the current business owner that EDD was not only leaving documents at the front door, but was also seen in the back yard of the private residence on the business premises. No need to inform you I am shocked and still learning of new details as I type. I am also hearing impaired and I have filed a complaint with the Americans with Disabilities against the State of California for not accommodating my requests due to hardships.
I have also contacted a law firm that helps with tax delinquency however, I wasn't aware I was delinquent due to the audit never having been manifested or simply, how in the world did a 13 month business incur more taxes for unemployment than the Federal Department of Revenue? How can the State of California target and victimize an unemployed senior citizen of their own? How can I make them stop ruining my livelihood, credit and now my mental health due to the illogical manner I've been attacked?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: California Employment Law
Expert:  Attorney2020 replied 1 year ago.

The amount is so high probably due to penalties and interest on to of the original amount that was allegedly owed. California can be very aggressive when it comes to ta enforcement. This should be a misunderstanding as you weren't aware of the state's attempts to contact you. To stop it, a call needs to be made first to the EDD for an explanation as to how the amount got so high. Then perhaps a tax attorney to determine if the amount can be reduced to an amount where it would make retaining legal counsel make sense, in other words the benefits of retaining legal counsel would outweigh the costs.

I hope that helped. Please ask any follow-up questions. Please rate my answer so that I may be credited for my time. I thank you in advance for your cooperation. Thank you.

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