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I live in California. I had a Major Medical issue which incapacitated

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I live in California. I had a Major Medical issue which incapacitated me mentally. My doctor put me on Medical disability. After 5 to 6 weeks my employer terminated me and my doctor continued my temporary disability for 12 months. Now I am released back to work by my doctor and I am applying for unemployment while searching for a job.

Question A) Did my employer have legal right to terminate my job while I was on disability?
Question B) Can my employer deny me unemployment?

FYI: While I was on medical disability my doctor was communicating with my company and extending my disability date due to the fact I was incapacitated.
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Can you tell me if you were on any form of protected leave while on disability or just disability?

Were you receiving SDI benefits at that time?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I was receiving disability benefits, if protected leave means FMLA, PDL or CDPL, etc I was not.

A) Yes, unfortunately, your employer did have the legal right to terminate you although you were on disability. You are only protected from termination when you are on a form of job-protected leave like FMLA.

B) No, you were terminated through no fault of your own due to the medical issue. Now that you are ready and able to work you are entitled to receive unemployment benefits until you can secure suitable employment. You are entitled to receive unemployment benefits and cannot be denied that right by your employer.

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