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B"H my wife has sought and received a ruling from a religious

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my wife has sought and received a ruling from a religious tribunal (Jewish "Beth Din") that I should issue her a bill of divorce accordimg to the Bible. My employer has been threatened by an organization that purports to act to enforce the Beth Din ruling. The organization has told him in effect to fire me, or they will hold negative street demonstrations in front of my boss' business and other economically damaging actions. Is this racketeering?
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I've got good and bad news.

The bad news is that this wouldn't constitute racketeering, which is defined as the following: "obtaining or extorting money illegally or carrying on illegal business activities."

Since they are not attempting to extort or blackmail you and aren't involved in illegal business activities, this would not constitute racketeering. What they are doing gives rise to a number of civil causes of action against them but doesn't rise to the level of criminal activity.

The good news is that it does constitute a tort called intentional interference with economic relations, as they are contacting your employer and attempting to have you terminated, interfering with your economic relationship with your employer and your income.

You definitely have a great case for intentional interference with economic relations if they plan on protesting against you. On top of that, if they make any false statements about you, you could also sue them for defamation for causing damage to your reputation (which they definitely seem to have done).

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Joseph. Thank you for your prompt reply. Yes, I am satisfied with your response and I have rated you positively.


I have another question I was hoping you could help me out with.


This is a bit of a long story but I'll try to condense it. My wife of 20-plus years (and 7 beautiful children) filed for a divorce from me in May 2012. We are Jewish so she has also been trying to obtain a religious divorce or a "get" from me for over a year now but I have refused because I want to reconcile but she doesn't. She also has a 5-year stay away, no contact order of protection against me which began in October 2012.


I have had numerous contacts with a Rabbi/Attorney Shlomo Weissman, who works for the Beth Din of America. In February of this year I told Rabbi Weissman that I would give my wife a get if she satisfied 2 conditions, one of which was to contact the Albany County Assistant District Attorney and tell her that she would not testify against me at a trial where she has falsely accused me of staring at her and stalking her in a synagogue during prayer services and afterwards at a luncheon in the same synagogue. I sent 3 other separate emails to Rabbi Weissman requesting that my wife satisfy the 2 conditions, I told my matrimonial lawyer as well, and on a conference call with my wife and a Jewish tribunal or "beis din" I mentioned my conditions to give the get before 3 rabbis, one of which was an attorney as well.


Recently, a man named Mordechai Weisel from the Organization for the Resolution of Agunahs (ORA) has been contacting me and on 1 occasion he recorded me saying that I would give my wife a get if she agreed not to testify at the upcoming criminal trial. he then took that recording and presented it to the Albany County ADA and now she is threatening to have me indicted by a grand jury for attempted bribery of a witness.


The ADA does not have any knowledge of my numerous requests to give the get on the condition that my wife not testify at my criminal trial, she only has the recorded conversation between Mordechai and I. All I was doing was negotiating in divorce proceedings. I had no knowledge that what I was doing was illegal and my intent was to protect my wife from being potentially charged with lying in a police report and to a Family Court judge, which my public defender said is a fact we could have brought out in trial.


Based on this info, am I guilty of attempted bribery?