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I have a legal question about an employee. I have an employee

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I have a legal question about an employee. I have an employee who is a good worker but continuously apprears inappropiately dress for her job. I provide the employees uniforms but the difficutly is that the employee's hair style appears unkept most days. My question is legally how can I inform this employee that her hair looks bad from a employer to employee and also informing her from a male to a female. The other issue is that her hair hygiene may be costly and I do not provide stipend for personal hygiene.

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As an at-will employer, you can choose how you want to inform the employee about this issue, as there is no 'legal' or 'illegal' way of doing so. And, if she refuses to comply, you could terminate her for her lack of hair hygiene.

That said, it's always best to appear as if the complaints aren't coming from you directly. So you can state that customers or co-workers have had issues with her hair, etc. It also isn't your obligation to pay for hair hygiene or anything. It is probably a matter of washing and combing her hair, which is not very expensive.

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