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Thanks for your information and the speedy response. Sounds

Customer Question

Thanks for your information and the speedy response. Sounds like a lawsuit would just cause additional and nonproductive misery, plus it's a county hospital and I didn't know if they are immune to suits like this?
If the trend of my reduced hours on the November schedule continues into December--and should know that soon when the schedule comes out--- is there a way to file for unemployment ? I was researching online and several sites say even reduced wages would allow me to qualify.
How long must reduced wages go on before one can file for unemployment? (if that is indeed true). Meanwhile I have already submitted a resume to another place, but that feels like defeat.
In Jan - April of this year I worked nearly full time for this hospital to help out because they had no one else to work--- the advent of a new and draconian medical director makes me additionally concerned about getting a supportive recommendation /referral for a new job. Ok, done whining. Again thanks ! Will now contemplate reinventing myself !
Anne K.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: California Employment Law
Expert:  Joseph replied 4 years ago.
County employers actually typically do not have any type of immunity, so that wouldn't prevent you from going forward with a suit.

Yes, you can file for partial unemployment due to the significant reduction in hours that you've received. Since you are receiving a 50 percent reduction in your hours (and you were already a part-time employee) you would definitely be eligible for unemployment benefits.

I would even suggest applying now, since you have already received your substantially reduced hours for this month.

You can do so online here:

(Also, I don't consider it whining at all. It is very admirable to stand up for the rights of the patients and it is incredibly unfortunate that you have been victimized yourself as a result).

Thanks and best of luck to you in your job search!
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