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I was terminated from my employer (a Florida based company)

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I was terminated from my employer (a Florida based company) via a Termination Agreement that paid me 10 weeks of severance pay. However, the company filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy recently before completing the 10 weeks. They did not complete their agreement, saying the Bankruptcy let them off the hook. What are my chances of getting some compensation by filing a claim with the Bankruptcy judge?
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Unfortunately, without knowing the value of the liquidated assets from the company, it is impossible for me to give you even a remotely accurate assessment of the likelihood you would get some compensation from the bankruptcy judge by filing a claim.

However, since your claim is for severance (an employment agreement), you would be a priority creditor, meaning that if there are any assets left over from the bankruptcy proceeding, they would go to you (and other priority debtors) first before going to other creditors.

That said, it is definitely worthwhile to file a claim with the bankruptcy judge so you can obtain the remainder of your severance pay if there are enough assets left after the liquidation of your former employer's assets.

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