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I graduated this december, and was applying to many staffing

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I graduated this december, and was applying to many staffing agencies. But in the end I found a job on my own, direclty. Now staffing companies I worked with want to know what company I got a job at, whom I interviewed with, and also what position, etc more information which I don't understand why they need it. I was dumb to give all this information to about 2-3 staffing agencies because I thought they were just being friendly and wanted to congratulate me on my job. I was never referred to this job by any of the staffing agencies I was working with. But, after I got the job I found out that one of the agencies I worked with had relationship with this company, but I was never referred to this company by this agency. I applied to this job online and got it on my own. So my question is since the recruiters are on my back, can they do anything to ask for commisson or anything to my company or hurt my employment there? This is my first job right after college I want to make sure that I am in no trouble. From now on I am just ignoring all the recruiters, ignoring their voicemails, emails, calls. Thanks for your help.
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation and hope I can help.

No, since you did not get the job through the staffing agency, there really is nothing that they can do you with the company.

If they do hurt your employment there, you would have a cause of action for intentional interference with economic relations.

I think the plan of just ignoring the recruiters or telling them to get lost is a good plan.
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