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I work for the City of Fort Wayne Street Dept. and I had gotten

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I work for the City of Fort Wayne Street Dept. and I had gotten insurance through aflac along with my other insurance. This year I no longer wanted insurance from aflac and marked no longer want coverage. This was done in November for this year.
Money was taken out of my check to pay aflac. I contacted my agent and was told that he no longer did the city. He told me that he would get my money back but later contacted me that they informed him that it no longer is his concern. They called me and I contacted them and the response I got I did not expect. She informed me that she didn't care what I did with the city that she contacts everyone on the sheet and if they do not answer or call back we assume you still want the coverage and I made it very clear to
her that I do not want the ins. She told me to late. She told me she called me and got no response. I checked my call log in Nov. and Dec. She made no call to me.
What can I do to stop them in there tracks from taking my money.

Since hte money is being taken out of your check to pay AFLAC, you should contact your employer directly to inform them that you had marked that you did not want insurance from AFLAC, and that you had marked that on the form.

Your emploer is hte only one who could stop the deductions being made from your paycheck, not AFLAC itself.

However, in addition to making a complaint with your employer, you should contact the Better Business Bureau to make a complaint about the way you are being treated by AFLAC, and that they are not interested in assisting you with canceling your insurance with them.

You can do so here:
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I should not but if I have any problems with this what would I do in this case. They tried telling me I did not mark this the previous year which in fact I know they BS me last year. This time I made sure I had a witness to my filling out my AFLAC papers the secretary of the dept. where I work. They do not admitting to there mistakes downtown.

Hello Brian,

Unfortunately, it would be difficult to sue your employer for this violation, if your employer failes ot acknowledge that you signed out of AFLAC. However, I am unsure why you don't have that option at a later point, as you should be able to cancel the insurance anytime.
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