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if I have a number of discrepencies that I want to claim based

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if I have a number of discrepencies that I want to claim based on 1 specific project should I claim them separately or include them as part of 1 claim. For example, I believe the company has increased the cost of the project so that they can pay me less commission since my commission is based on the profit of the project. I also believe they should include the revenue from shipping towards to the total revenue of the project and should include another $100,000+ of revenue that we received for an additional part of the project. Should I make 3 separate claims or 1? Also, if I do include all 3 aspects of the claim in 1 claim can the labor board approve part of the claim and not other parts or do they simply need to approve the entire claim or they must deny the entire claim?
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer.

You should list all claims that you have against your employer in the same claim, rather than making three seperate claims with the labor board.

The labor board can decide to approve part of the claims and not other parts, rather than denying the entire claim.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks. Can you explain why it's better to include all claims instead of separating tem?

The labor board would likely consolidate your claims if you were to list them as separate claims, so the labor board would appreciate it if you were to file the claims together against your employer rather than having to consolidate them later.

Also, it would be easier for them to potentially dismiss some of the issues if they're filed as separate claims, but may consider them all together if filed as one claim.

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