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On June 11th of this year I had a roof fall on me at work.

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On June 11th of this year I had a roof fall on me at work. I had a head injury, broke my back in three places and also fractured my shoulder. I was in rehab and PT through my employer. I work for a public agency in California and will be off work comp in Jan. I am back at work and able to do my job without many restrictions. Im not suing, but I was yold that I will go before a med board to determine disability in March. Im thinking about closing out the Medical for some of these issues. Will the insc company possibly pay me off if so is there a ball park figure. Many people are telling me to sue, but I know they can make my life hell. I really enjoy my job with the city and need my med benefits for my kids, do I have any thing coming to me possibly.
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation and hope I can help.

What question do you have regarding your situation? Have you filed a workers' compensation claim?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes work filled out a wrk comp claim because i was in the hospital for two months. I guess my question would be since im not suing and I close out my med claim with wrk comp will I get any money from the insurance compny back to me

Hello Jake,

That would depend on the settlement that you reach with the workers' compensation insurance carrier. If you are taking a lump sum payout in exchange for closing the case, you should be entitled to receive a sum from the carrier to compensate you for your disability as long as you are still disabled.

Considering that a roof fell on you, that you were in the hospital for two months, suffered a head injury and broke your back in three places, you would typically be entitled to a substantial payout if you are no longer claiming medical coverage for your injury from the workers' compensation carrier.

Due to the strength of your claim, I highly suggest that you consult with a local workers' compensation attorney before you make a decision regarding your case, even though you are probably not going to sue.

You can find one online using one of the below services;

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