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Joseph: When I have my telephone interview with EDD with

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When I have my telephone interview with EDD with week should I mention things that are on my personnel file such a numerous bogus sexual harassment claims from and administrative assistant who had some wierd vendetta for me, and one curse word used in a friend to friend way with a programmer who turned his back on me when I was trying to show hime continual mistakes his team was making. Or should I wait and see if they contest before I build any defense for these things.

I would suggest that you wait to see if those allegations are brought up before you defend against them, as bringing them up could weaken your case for unemployment benefits since it would give your employer another potential reason to deny you unemployment benefits.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
If you somehow got s negative rating, disregard it because I gave you a good rating. I was happy with your advice. Thank you! Mark
Thank you, Mark. I will send this question to customer service, or you could rectify the situation by rating this response positively.

Thanks again!
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Joseph, I just had the telephone interview. I thought it went well. The interviewer who called was just gathering information. He said the company would have to respond in 48 hours. Of the information they already gave EDD was one item that worried me. One new programmer I had guided had one day refused to listen to me when his supervisor was off....drunk may I add, Turned his back on me refusing to look at parts that were made bad. I responded in a friend to friend way (Fu) he called he and had me written up. This verbatim what I told the interviewer today what happened. Is that a disqualifier do you think? Mark
Mark, unfortunately, that could be considered a disqualifier since acting in an hositle manner toward your co-workers (including the use of profanity) would constitute good cause for termination.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Even if it were several months before the termination.
It could still go toward the case for termination, since it demonstrates that you had previously been 'warned' about your conduct and had a history of discipline with your employer prior to being terminated.

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