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My son is 21 and works for Ross Dept. store, approx. 2 weeks

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My son is 21 and works for Ross Dept. store, approx. 2 weeks ago he made a very bad choice and did not charge his customer for a $10 item. 2 days later the manager confronted him, my son admitte he made a bad choice, appologized and stated he would pay for the item.He was put on leave pending an investigation, yesterday he received a letter from Ross' Attorneys stating for him ot pay $10 for the item and $500 restitution fees and has 20 days to comply...He has no prior criminal record and now has no job to pay for this...the letter also stated that Ross could charge him with criminal charges. What should he do? Will this effect him trying to find another job now?

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I certainly understand his situation and am sorry to hear about it. What you stated above, sounds as though Ross is seeking civil damages from him, which they have a right to do under the law. As they also stated, he could be charged criminally, if they desires to press charges. If he can not pay this all at once, he should contact them and try to get them to agree to a payment plan. They should be willing to allow this, as long as he is consistent with his payments. As far as his finding another job, it would be something which could disqualify him if he was asked to disclose if he was ever terminated and the reason why. A background check would not reveal this, unless he was charged criminally, so it would essentially be something which is at his discretion to reveal, in the event he is ever asked and never charged.

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