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Same issue, I am 90% disables based on VA rating. When I was

Customer Question

Same issue, I am 90% disables based on VA rating. When I was hired the job was training soldiers on countering improvised explosive devises. I have two combat tours and that is how I got the experience to do the job. I have PTSD from the deployments to war and the majority of soldiers involved with CIED have been through explosions that causes traumatic brain injuries. The firing was premature as I did not have the chance to correct whatever is was that they based it on. I was 100% effective with the client and my performance was excellent. I had a problem following and learning the administrative procedures within the company as most of my orientation time was concentrated on fixing problems with my security clearance. This was compounded by the speed that the company was trying to bring me onboard so instead of learning what was taught at the orientation on initial hiring I spent 3 of 4 days with management approval devoted to fixing problems with security clearance. Knowing the effects that PTSD has and knowing about deployments you would think that the lower level management that hired me would understand and be patient as they had the same method of having gained their experience. I have emails that show the hostility of one management team member when I demonstrated the qualities that I had read in the green book that Boz Allen Hamilton put out in ethics for its employees. The expense procedures were gone over with a fine tooth comb and I was verbally and in writing reprimanded for items that was seen by the lower management team as either high or excessive when in fact they were completely within the limits and ethical standards of the organization. When the green book on ethics and training videos showed the differences between the military and corporate culture, the training emphasized how you could learn from your mistakes and lower management did not have the same approach they held you accountable for all administrative errors. The company was going through a period of ethical violations in San Antonio that were huge in nature and lower management used this canvas to paint the picture of what they were dealing with when it was not so. I demonstrated initiative and accountability and put the client first. The sub culture of the lower management team was not the same as corporate.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: California Employment Law
Expert:  socrateaser replied 4 years ago.
If you are asking me whether these additional facts change the analysis from the previous answer, my answer is that they do not.

I've known many employers in my life. I have never experienced any employer that actually cared about its employees, beyond what is required by law and what is needed to accomplish what executive management/ownership seeks to accomplish.

Employers, in my experience, do not act in their best interests. Rather, they act in what they perceive to be in their best interests, and that perception is usually wrong. This doesn't mean that the business will fail. It just means that the business is not as efficient as it could be. But, it doesn't matter, because the "boss is always right." No matter how crooked the line management draws between two points it is the correct line, because management draws it -- not because it is scientifically validated as the most cost-effective, or profitable line to a successful outcome.

The bottom line for any employee is that you must either adopt the corporate culture, no matter how messed up, or you must find different employment. The only employer whose policies you will agree with 100%, is you! But, being self employed or employing others has its own down sides. It's not easy creating a successful business.

What I'm writing may seem irrelevant to your question, but I believe it's very relevant. Resort to legal action is the very last solution to a problem, because it tends to cause the plaintiff to put his/her life into a holding patter while waiting for a legal resolution that may never come.

In your case, I don't see a "smoking gun," and that's what's usually necessary to win an employment discrimination case. The fact that you are back more than one month later trying to connect the dots, suggests that you are getting nowhere, and that you are already in a vertical stall. If you want some wisdom from my years, then my answer here is that you need to move on to something new and positive, because this particular road is not working, and it probably never will work. Because, if it were going to be successful, it already would be producing results.

I don't know what your best path to success is -- but I'm betting that what you're doing now, here in this forum, is not even close (not that I don't appreciate your business, but I want you to get a positive outcome, not continue to ask the same questions and get no useful answer -- because there isn't any).

Find a path that you can live with and travel that road. Make yourself valuable in some manner that the economy will reward.

if you have a specific question, feel free to ask. But, since your new question is mostly philosophical, my answer is a reflection.

Hope this helps.

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