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arcadierm, Lawyer
Category: California Employment Law
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Experience:  Board Certified Employment Lawyer
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I have recently been medically released by my Doctor to return

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I have recently been medically released by my Doctor to return to work.
The Owner of the company/ My Direct supervisor: has failed to reinstate my job,
due to the financial instability of the Company. This was stated to me verbally by him.
I have not received a separation letter from the Company. What is my recourse?
Is this wrongful termination?

Board Certified Attorney : If employer can prove that the termination is due purely because of financial reasons, then it is not a wrongful termination. The employer has a defense called, the legitimate business reason defense. You will be entitled to unemployment benefits.

How should I file my claim for unemployment? How do I word the reason why: thru no fault of my own- that I am unemployed?


When I asked a second question- you were: offline?

arcadierm : You state you were simply laid off due to employer's financial position. Was that what you wanted to know, or do you also need the web site of where to file?

You just answered the question. I needed to know: claim status- laid off. When stating the reason do I say: Financial reasons my position was eliminated?


You answered my question: Laid-off, status. When stating a reason: do I say- financial duress?

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