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company ran out of money, but CEO promised that funding was

Resolved Question:

company ran out of money, but CEO promised that "funding was coming in next week" week after week and in the meantime requested me to work on company initiatives full time from Nov 2010 to present giving me various projects. CEO promised to make up compensation once funded. My salary was $7,500 per month. Finally company recieved $1.5 million and CEO promised that he would pay any back wages however, after 2 weeks still without pay (with funding in bank) he threatened to fire me if i did not move from CA to OR immediately (like next week!), He continues to withold payments. He has defrauded contractors and other business partners similarly, requesting deliverables knowing he had no money to pay them. This has caused severe pain and financial suffering for me and my kids as a single Dad. He intentionally decieved me and owes me almost a year of wages. Should I just take it to the Labor Dept or sue his ass? I have full email and text documentation and financial documents from accountant who was also decieved and not paid.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: California Employment Law
Expert:  WiseOwl58 replied 5 years ago.
Since your are in California, the Labor Commission is very pro employee. Additionally, you have a very strong argument that you were prmosed a certain level of apy, that you continued to work for the comapny in reliance on the CEO' s promise of pay.

you should make a claim for unapid wages with the California Labor Commission. This is the form that you use.

Attach copies of all the relevant documentation to the claim form. In several months you will get a notice of hearing. If the Labor Commission issues you an ward, which is likely, it will also contain back interest and other fees that you would have incurred if you were not in prison.

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