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I was hired on a part-time basis for a language software company

Customer Question

I was hired on a part-time basis for a language software company who wanted to establish a contract with the government for online teaching. I was hired as an online instructor but I was given more responsibilities: recruiting and interviewing potential instructors, authoring a curriculum for potential language instruction. Needless to say my hours went up to 40 hrs / week but I was never given a full time contract and no benefits.
We were supposed to have a meeting: A lead teacher, another spanish teacher and myself to show our first drafts on classroom management program for the potential online program. I was very candid, I copied and pasted info from a fantastic website, but I totally forgot to put the resources. Needless to say that everything I have done before to show my honest practices went out of the window. The CEO wrote me an email that because they didn't get the contract with the government and that they didn't have a time limit about contract award, they didn't need my help at this time anymore. I got physically ill... my supervisor told me exactly why I wasn't going to work anymore. I am a member of ECIS, (european council for international schools, as wel as a Cornell student at this time). I feel that I was wronged promised the full time job by my direct supervisor that everything went to hell. I worked with this company for 10 weeks. it is a very small company (35 people).
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: California Employment Law
Expert:  WiseOwl58 replied 5 years ago.
Hi, I'm WiseOwl58. I am here to answer your question about California employment law.

Since you did not have an employment contract, you were an "at-will" employee of the company. Therefore, they did not have to guarantee you employment for any specific period of time.

However, an employer does have to pay the employee for the time worked. If they have not paid you for the time that you worked for them, then make a demand for payment. The California law requires that they provide you with a check for work done on the last day of your employment. It is a violation of the California Labor Code if they do not.

It would be expedient to pursue it directly with them first, but if you do not get satisfaction, you can file a complaint with the California Labor Commission. You would use this form to do it:

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