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not sure which category my next question falls under or if

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not sure which category my next question falls under or if you can even answer it. But since you did such a wonderful job answering my first question I thought it wouldnt hurt to ask. Around 4 years ago my husband worked for an employer who did not pay his his vacation pay. The union eventually collected a large some of money from the company that the job was done for. When my husband spoke to a union rep he was told that he would receive his vacation pay. We did receive 550.00 and we are still owed approx. 2500.00. However, the rep now tells us they are taking the employer to civil court . My question to them has still not been answered which is "where did the 80,000 they collected go?"? Is there protection for the employee and is the union(cement masons ) accountable? Thank you
If your husband was actually owed some portion of the $80,000, then he can hire a lawyer and "interplead" into the lawsuit by the union to protect his rights in the money. If he is not owed any portion of that money, then he has no standing to interplead, and no right to discover where the money went -- other than to the extent that any union employee may have in obtaining information concerning the union's activities (which is generally whatever is contained in the union's periodic reports to members).

However, even if your husband were not to interplead, the union will likely pay him what he is owed, unless there is some sort of fraud or embezzlement ongoing.

And, if your husband has evidence that the union is stealing from the members, then he can file a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.

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