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I work for community services in my city, a governmental agency

Customer Question

I work for community services in my city, a governmental agency and have never had a bad employee review. My last supervisor, who is on our "management team" did not like me due to the fact it was a collaboration with a non-profit and I would talk to our board about conduct happening on the city side. I was moved to an area within community services (after school site) away from this collaboration and was told it was due to budgetary reasons. I was told the non-profit collaboration could not afford my salary. This is after I had been told I'd be moved there prior without this explanation and semi-upset I said I would quit. This time I took this position stating, if it is for the budget and beneficial to the collaboration of city and non-profit I would gladly move and volunteer myself for the non-profit. I ended up really enjoying the job and doing great. This summer I was asked if I would move into a program (teen summer camp) that had budget and staffing issues always with the expectations when school started I would be moved back into my position at the youth after school camp. I was given only a few days to prep for this transition and ended up again succeeding in my job. Yesterday, I was pulled into a meeting and told that I was being made an offer to stay in the teen program but if I did not take it I would be let go. But due to the teen budget my hours were being cut in half and I was on a probation period for three months then they would evaluate what I have done. I think that they are trying to either find a reason to fire me which I have not given them, or make me quit. If I was moved originally due to not being able to afford me in a budget to a program that can afford my salary and now have my hours cut due to moving me into a new program that can't afford me while my position is empty in a program that can afford me can I do anything legally?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: California Employment Law
Expert:  Joseph replied 5 years ago.
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation.

Unfortunately, unless you have a contract with your employer that states otherwise, you are an at-will employee.

As an at-will employee your employer can change your position and reduce your hours, even though your previous position is empty in a program that can afford you.

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