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I interviewed with a new company. HR asked my salary history

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I interviewed with a new company. HR asked my salary history and I provided it. The 2nd interview was with someone who held the same title (same team) that I was applying for. This person said he thought I was expensive and showed me that he had a print out of the full conversation I had with HR. I felt that it wasn't right for someone who would have been my peer to see my salary history at that point or ever. What does California labor law say about that?


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Neither the Federal, nor California Labor Laws address this issue. However, since you had a second interview, the interviewer had a right to all the information that you had given to the first interviewer so that he could make a determination based on the same information.

What you should be concerned about is the fact that they typed up your first interview. If the interview was recorded without your consent, then that would have been an invasion of your privacy as well as a violation of Federal and State laws.



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