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Hi, you answered a couple of my questions in the past, and

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Hi, you answered a couple of my questions in the past, and I was satisfied with your response.
This is a quick question-I am completing Judical Council Fom JUD-100 [Judgment], and I am wondering if I need to complete a separate judgment form for each plaintiff. There are four plaintiffs, but the form says to 'name each.' I was hoping I could do it all on one, but I think I may need to complete a separate form for each plaintiff, as each plaintiff filed a separate statement of damages.
This is Northern California.

Is there an obvious answer to this that I'm missing?
Thanks again.

Can you please explain exactly what you're trying to accomplish with your JUD-100 form?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Well, there are four plaintiffs, and we were injured in a car accident where we were hit from behind in traffic at considerable force. The driver was an employee of a housing authority, and a police report was made. We tried negotiating for a couple months with the entity, but they suddenly stopped communicating after saying there were getting authority from the board to settle. We then filed complaint and summons, all proper and ina timely manner. Yes, one of the defendants is a public entity, and the other is their employee, so all notice of claim requirements were met pursuant to Government code requirements. The housing authority has NEVER responded to anything. It has been three months since the answer was due; no responsive pleading or appearance by either defendant. We served the statement of damages one month ago, and filed it.

We are now requesting default to be entered against both defendants, and a court judgment [doesn't qualify for clerk judgment] agains the housing authority for our general and special damages.

We were told that we needed to file the JUD-100 along with CIV 100 and MC-030 [declarations], to get a court judgment. I am confused, though, because CIV 100 looks like it needs to be completed by the court. My main question was whether each plaintiff needs to file a separate CIV 100, or can it be cumulative, given that the complaint named all four of us as plaintiffs?

The default process is a bit tricky, it seems.

Thanks for any help/guidance.

Only one civ-100 and one jud-100 form is needed, if judgment is sought jointly against all co-defendants originally named in the complaint.

Make sure that each defendant is identified in exactly the same manner as originally named in the complaint, or the defendant could use this defect as a means of setting aside the default for lack of personal jurisdiction.

Hope this helps.

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