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I occasionally deliver food for a friends resturant, making

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Hello. I occasionally deliver food for a friends resturant, making mostly tips and very little pay. I haven’t made much, And was told it’s not worth claiming since I don’t have a W2 or anything. I work a few other jobs and paid taxes on them, and taxes on tuition reimbursements, and bonds, etc. Ihave to file for fafsa for a loan for graduate school. I have to Include my tax information, as well as my current balance of my checking and savings account. I don’t believe I have to provide the details of the account such as account number and stuff, just the balance. By giving the balance an I implying the government or my school has my approval to access my accounts and look at my finance history and activity? I hardly ever have much, unless I do side jobs and help around the neighborhood. Does the government or Institution have ability to look into my accounts arbitrarily or am I letting paranoia get the best of me?

Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.

Under Homeland Security and money laundering laws, the government CAN look into your accounts and see balances and they can track your credit card spending history too, which is one way they find terrorists.

Also, with FAFSA, they can pull your application for verification and force you to bring in proof of the income and assets and debts.

So you need to disclose all of the account information (cash tips you put in your pocket, no they cannot track those) and you need to be as close to accurate as you can be.

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Customer: replied 8 months ago.
I’m getting all different information. I was informed by a different lawyer that if I made under 10,400 I don’t have to file and the government doesn’t arbitrarily track accounts unless they have a reasonable cause which requires a warrant to do so.I apologize I don’t believe my question was worded correctly.I work odd jobs, deliver pizza occasionally, and my parents help me for doing work around the house. I do have a job that I paid taxes on with a W2, two actually. I also paid taxes in student loan reimbursements and bond interest. However, since my tax returns showed I made 6k last year, if I put down I have 3-4K in my checking does anyone have the authority to open an investigation? That money came from saving, collecting bottles and cans, fixing my neighbors house, etc. I was informed I’m not consenting to allowing them to search my records and track my account. Do I have any reason to worry that theyll look at my account and decide to come after me? Or is that just paranoia? I’m pretty sure IRS has more concerns than busting a delivery driver whose working his way through grad school who pays taxes.Doesn’t their have to be extreme circumstances to invoke that homeland act such as suspicion of money laundrrjng, or the such.I believe we spoke before on a similar issue, you were very helpful before in informing me that the IRS isn’t interested in busting pizza guys who make next to nothing

Thank you for your reply.

The government does not "arbitrarily" track accounts but they can look at accounts when you file for federal aid etc.

They cannot track cash earnings. You also do not have to file taxes if you make under that amount, so the lawyer was correct about that.

I told you the IRS is not looking for you and your little cash tips as well previously.

All I am telling you is that you have to be honest in your report on your FAFSA and make sure the records match what you put on the form. They are not going to dig into your cash earnings and punish you for not reporting them, just make sure what you report is accurate.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Oh, yes, 100% i intend on being accurate. If my tax said I made 5540 that’s what’s being put down. My worry was that if that’s what my taxes say, but I have 4000 in my account because of all those other earnings previously mentioned I would raise a red flag and be arrested.So what you’re saying, even if I have close to the amount my taxes said I made last year, no ones gonna come after me since they don’t track that. I was worried that just having those deposits in my account of like 100,200 would be enough to spark a red flag.So bot***** *****ne, no one will care if I have close or above what my taxes said I made as I could have very well gotten the money for my birthday, odd jobs etc. all that matters is that I accurately fill out the fafsa? I was concerned id spark an investigation even by being honest on the form.
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
I apologize for the questions I’m just a highly anxious individual and I like to do things right

Thank you for your reply.

I know you are anxious about these things. That is correct, as long as you are close to what you report on you taxes on your FAFSA, nobody at all will come after you and they will not go to even look at anything in your accounts.

Just be as honest as possible in your reporting and there is nothing at all to be anxious about.

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Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Thank you sir!

Thank you