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20 November 2016 08:57 I meant to say a valuation has been

Customer Question

20 November 2016 08:57
I meant to say a valuation has been done by an outside professional company which was agreed upon by both parties. The valuation was for 1.4 million with each 50% member's value being $700,000. My partner has expressed through her lawyer that she would like 1.75 million. This has stalled the resolution outside of going to a judicial dissolution. I do not want to sue for dissolution if it would unable my partner to purchase my share of the company through court order.
20 November 2016 08:58
I have been running the company for the last year and my partner has not been active at all. What options do I have besides dissolution if their is no operating agreement.
20 November 2016 09:04
IF we went to Judicial dissolution and I did not want to sell my 50% and she did not want to sell her 50% at fair market value, then would the court wind down the company and sell it to another person? I that the only option through judicual dissolution or do any facts come into play like the fact the she refuses to work but still writes checks out of the business.
20 November 2016 09:05
What facts could matter through judicial dissolution if I have been operating the company and she refuses to participate? Will the court take into consideration any arguements that are creating an unfair situation within the LLC because of her actions?
20 November 2016 09:06
Could they rule that she must sell to me?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 11 months ago.

I recommend that you read this article. It will tell you what your options are under NC law.

You can highlight and Google the case citations that are referenced there.