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I am an associate dentist (i.e. on a contract) at another

Customer Question

I am an associate dentist (i.e. on a contract) at another dentist's practice. The contract between us requires him to pay me at a certain percentage of all collections I get from patient and insurance payments. He is not paying me the full amount, and now is dragging his feet when I demanded all unpaid amounts. Per my read of the contract it seems like a breach of contract. What remedies do I have to enforce the contract and make him pay what is rightfully due to me per contract?
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Bill Attorney replied 10 months ago.

This is attorney Bill offering legal information and assistance today.

Most written contract will be enforceable so long as they comply with the Illinois State laws.

There is a premium service whereby I can examine the contact in full and determine the legality of all its provisions.

From the information provided the contract should be enforceable.

Presuming the same, remedies for breach of contract include damages, punitive damages, and specific performance.

Because this is a referral contract specific performance may not be something the civil court would


The remedy in law is that of damages, past and future.

You can sue in the small claims court and the civil court, depending on the monetary vlaue.

If the amount is small the small claims court would be the appropriate venue; otherwise the best avenue is to hire an attorney and sue in Civil Court.




I'm here for all your follow up questions.

Attorney Bill

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Hello Bill,
How much is the premium service to review the contract? I was hoping to send you the contract for review as the main question. I had found what you wrote through google search already.
Expert:  Bill Attorney replied 10 months ago.

Dear Associate ,

Because this is a public forum a contract review can be made by sending me the contract privately.

If you accept this service, you will get a private contact detail to send me the contract for review.

I will make this offer open to you now.

Attorney Bill