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I am filing a claim on a custom cabinet maker contractor’s

Customer Question

I am filing a claim on a custom cabinet maker contractor’s bond. I would like to have the bond claim form with my responses to it reviewed by a lawyer as a precaution to prevent any mistakes, please. I have prepared a list of questions I would like answered. I would like detailed responses in writing to my questions. Feel free to take 48 hours to review the contractor's bond claim form and answer my questions in writing, time isn't an issue. The bond claim form with my responses is 2755 words long. The pertinent sections are 1990 words long. My questions are 656 words long. I do have photos to address the assertions made in section 10. I also have emails between the contractor and I, which you don’t have to go over. I have also filed a claim with the Cal. State License Board on this matter. I live in Sacramento California. I am offering $40 for the benefit of your expertise. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Business Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Here is the bond claim form with my responses and the questions I would like answered are at the end or bottom. You might want to read my questions at the end first. I will pay $52 for your services. I haven't used this website before so I stated $40 because I couldn't tell where the fee for services was set. My version of MS Word is old so please don't attach a word doc with your responses. Just provide them in the body of the email.
Thanks in advance,
Expert:  Maverick replied 1 year ago.

Welcome! My name is Maverick. Please give me a few minutes to analyze and/or research your inquiry and I will be back.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am looking for clarification. Did you review the bond claim form with my responses and answer the questions at the end of it for the clearly stated $52 fee set by Just I haven’t seen your answers to my questions. What further information do you need from me to answer my questions? Are you going to answer my questions for the $52 fee? It's peculiar that my bank has informed me that $52 has been taken out of my account even though service has yet to be provided. As to the premium service offer for $300, no thank you.bye
Expert:  Maverick replied 1 year ago.

Mr. Klusnick:

I appreciate your offer of $52.00 for reviewing the document and answering your questions. However, the anticipated time for me to do that is at least 1 hour this is the reason for my quote of $300.00

Your deposit is still in tact. I will opt out and let try to let another expert assist you.