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There, i recently invested in a restaurant in los angeles.

Customer Question

hi there,
i recently invested in a restaurant in los angeles. the guy i partnered with filed for the LLC in montana, for whatever reason. in doing so, "my partner" hired a company called Registered Agent Solutions, to file the paperwork and be the physical location for the LLC in the state of montana. i received a voicemail from a law firm seeking payment for the RAS fees and because i didn't know what the lawyer was talking about, i called the RAS office. i found out from the RAS folks that "my partner" registered the LLC in my name and also forged my signature. i've also come to find that he is mismanaging the business and he's not only paying the RAS invoice that has gone to collections, but also vendors and employees.
do you have any suggestions on next steps in terms of getting my name removed from the LLC document that was filed to the secretary of state office in montana, where my name and signature was forged?
thank you for your help in advance.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Chris T., JD replied 1 year ago.
Hello. I'll be happy to assist you.The first step you need to take (if you want to go there) is to call the police and report the forgery. The second step you should take is to dissolve the LLC. If you are sued because of debts of the LLC, you have a defense that it was fraudulently opened up in your name, but you should not be personally sued since you have corporate protection. The last step would be to sue your "partner" for fraud if you have suffered any personal losses.