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What's the worst case scenario . I have an internet

Customer Question

What's the worst case scenario for me. I have an internet based tv show and get sponsors to help defray production costs. One of my sponsors said I breached contract(all email or verbal contracts here nothing official) and she wanted a full refund. $2,394. I said there are no refunds or exchanges (unfortunately, I did not have it in writing in emails or on my paypal invoices-now I do!) Then through a third party who had introduced us (I'm in CA they're in Utah) I offered to return $797 for a later series of spots as a goodwill gesture. Then they emailed said that wasn't good enough they want $1,897 back-willing to say they got $500 in services (they bought commercial time...all else is bonus I offer)...and the last I heard was another email saying I could send their refund to their Utah address. What's my worst case scenario?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Albert Marmero replied 1 year ago.
It sounds like your worst case scenario is you'd have to refund a portion of this $2,394, but only if the party sues. You only have to refund this amount, or a portion of it, if you choose to do so or pursuant to a Court Order. So you have two options:1) Do nothing and wait to see if they sue. If they do, appear in court and explain why no refund is necessary, or2) Be proactive and try to work with them to avoid litigation.It sounds like they've admitted to receiving $500 in services, so your worst case scenario is having to return $1,897.I hope this was helpful and has answered your question. If so, please rate me and please feel free to ask follow-up questions.