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We own a hotel in nj, and i am in the process of

Customer Question

Hello we own a hotel in nj, and i am in the process of throwing a BIG music festival across the street at our towns beach. i have spoken to the mayor already and he is on board with it, i spoke to our corporate lawyer and he advised us to get an entertainment lawyer. we are having a meeting with him tomorrow am, and in our previous meeting (the mayor has dealt with festivals) he said he was thrilled with the idea (we are getting all of the talent because i reached out to an artist at a concert and he actually called me, and now it is starting to get more artists on board.) I am also told by the mayor that he will take care of the staging and the dance floor he will also take care of the blocking off the street in front of our business and some neighboring hotels. I am hopeful that we will be taking care of the monies but i am not 100%, however i need to ask him what his budget is and what he expects out of the project. i need something in writing stating that we (our hotel) will have exclusive rights to this annual event (being that it goes well). do i ask him for a hold harmless doc and what other docs are required? lastly, someone suggested that we open a production co and run the festival through it, does that make sense? I guess we are "partnering with the city" but i am not sure. we are very dedicated to make this work thanks.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Damien Bosco replied 1 year ago.
Hello. You would need a local attorney to help you because there is too much to be done. In any event, it could be a good idea to open a new company to handle the festival because you do not want the Hotel to be liable. Even if you have warranties and guarantees, there would always be a chance that the Hotel could be liable unless you form a separate company. You should also attempt to get the city to sign contracts, or provide contract stating what they are doing and what your company is required to do. In this contract you could attempt to put in the hold harmless terms. So, forming a company is a good idea; and putting all that the mayor is saying he will do in writing and a hold harmless in writing is a good idea.

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