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I received the email below supposedly because of the

Customer Question

Hello- I received the email below supposedly because of the "quality" of surveys recently. One of the people involved is someone who is a manager that I have a tenuous relationship with due to the fact that she lost some business to me since she was not maintaining some accounts. The email below resulted from action taken by this person by bring it to the attention of higher ups.
I work for publicly traded company that has loosely stated rules which are good for some but not everyone. The scope of work is for energy improvements. The first step is to take a survey of the existing infrastructure and then make recommendations to install modern equipment that is more efficient.
I was trained and told that every job is to be pre inspected so that if the counts did not match the person who wrote up the job would have to correct them. This happened less now since the businesses commissions go to the house? I am seeking feed back as to this type of e-mail sometime silence in my book is best, ***** ***** illustrate other weaknesses even true it may make things more difficult for me. so perhaps silence is golden? How would you suggest answering this type of e-mail below? Do scroll down to see other details-
E-mail beginning Glad I caught you on the phone today. I'm writing this email to summarize the main points of our discussion.
- The quality of your surveys was brought to my attention. The major issue was that on more than one occasion, the survey was incomplete and did not capture complete counts of items proposed for replacement. The field supervisor, crews and office staff have been responsible for making the adjustments afterwards. You explained there was a misunderstanding with one of the more recent sites regarding how to count the lamps and fixtures but you made the corrections and reuploaded the tool to SMART.
- I acknowledged that your sales numbers are good, particularly for the past month during which the free program in BQ was suspended. As such, I believe you are an asset to the team and want to work with you to improve your surveys. We agreed that you will get in touch with and he will make arrangements for you to do some surveys with a field supervisor in order do a refresh on how to properly conduct one. This should be done in the next week or so.
- I will periodically check your progress, using input from both the operations group and office staff. We will evaluate and once some of your jobs go through install and completed work orders are uploaded to SMART.
Again, thank you for your time today and I'm looking forward to seeing improvements in the quality of your surveys.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  MDLaw replied 2 years ago.
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