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My name is***** & abdi nor and I would like to make

Customer Question

My name is***** & abdi nor and I would like to make a formal fraud dealership complaint against MHA Incorporate Used Car dealership located in Kent, Washington. I am very upset with the treatment and service received from this establishment regarding
the purchasing of my vehicle and its maintenance. I am complaining on the grounds of fraudulent and reckless behavior, emotional distress and the injustice withholding of the bill of sale/car tittle documentation for my 2012 Toyota Highlander vehicle. Under
the impression of the owner of MHA Incorporate, sales person Salman Abdul Wahhab using different name pretending he was the owner (AKA Freddie) struck a verbal agreement with my Husband and I in the month of November, to purchase a car from an online dealership
called AA Auction. The reason why my husband and I couldn’t buy the car ourselves was because you needed to have a license to buy it online. On November 23, 2014 my husband and I paid Mr. Abdulwahab 13,000 dollars for the sale of the car, than 2,000 dollars
for the parts needed to fix the car. All together we have given MHA Incorporate more 15,000 dollar in cash however, more than 1,700 dollars was paid by us for the buying of car parts that the dealership couldn’t find themselves. All transaction are recorded
in receipt form,that I have for the courts approval. From the beginning of the car deal, Mr.Abdulwahab wanted the 13,000 and said and I quote “Everything is handle and that’s all I needed”. However, the 2,000 part fee and the other 1,700 dollar fee, was not
negotiated up front and later on taken from us under the assumption that “new challenges had arisen in the vehicle fixing process” that we needed to pay for. We had the car shipped to us in the end of November 2014, and Mr. Abdulwahab had told us that the
car will be fixed by January of the next year. Nonetheless, after nine month and a long wait on July 2015 he handed us our car physically. We were not satisfied with the end result. There were still major safety and diagnose concerns with the car. Although,
it was given to us we were unable to drive it at that time. There was no airbag and still needed various amount of checking up by the local Toyota dealership. My husband and I took responsibility and paid for all those checkup’s and did the remainder of the
fixing ourselves. Our business left with the dealership was only concerning the licenses fee and plate fees with a remainder of 4,000 dollar negotiated in the beginning of the deal and had received 2000 dollar.My car was another shop and agree to fix their
but Mr abdulwahab he did not told us he make his on decision and tow the car bring here Mha Inc . The owner and mr abdulwahab agree to fix some amount for the shop((victor))) Victor was going to fix my Toyota highlander 2012 4000 dollar in less them 10 days
However, after a hostile encounter with Mr abdulwahab on July 6th 2015, he persisted to tell us that we needed to pay more money approximately 7,200 dollars concerning fee’s we never negotiated and then preceded to threaten my husband the car and I plus. Explicitly
on voice recording, we have Mr.Abdulwahab admitting to changing the deal on the spot, by increasing the money and also blatantly harnessing us with a weapon (A baseball bat). Realizing the man incompetence, we came the next day to reason with the owner of
MHA Dealership, and other sales people but it was to no avail. Again, we were thrown out and verbally harassed. Throughout this horrible endeavor, my husband had lost his job from not having the transportation he needed to get to work and also I have been
unable to provide for my family . As a result, now we are at a standstill and are being bullied for more money. We request to have a formal complaint issued to MHA Incorporate Dealership for the rights of our car and also the relinquishment of our required
paper work. Also they sold car previously they told the people this car is under 80,000 mile so they lie to the people MHA change the odometer and it was 200,000 mile so when the family take the car to admissions found it was high miles and return it and its
take long time to get they money. when i asked them to give me my papers or tab Mha told me their license is on hold we cant issue anything at this time and i see still he is give the people plates and temporary tag they are alot of people complaining please
do something. Any question please feel free to contact to call me!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 2 years ago.
You can file a complaint with the Washington Attorney General here:, the AG's office can investigate the matter and take administrative or criminal enforcement action.If you want to pursue compensation for your complaint, you will need to file a small claims case, file a BBB dispute (this is a very quick and easy process, the BBB doesn't have any enforcement ability, but if you are unable to resolve the dispute with the dealership directly, you can proceed to a small claims case afterwards, you can file a BBB dispute here:, or you can try mediation (use a third party nuetral to help you reach a resolution) - contact your local bar association for referrals to consumer mediators.

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