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Here's the final copy of the letter. What do you think? Dear

Customer Question

Here's the final copy of the letter. What do you think? Dear *****, I allowed you early entry into the home at 11:00 am when check in time was at 4:00 pm. I shopped two hours in three stores the morning of your arrival when you sent me a large list of more
than 40 items to purchase. You wanted early check in and because I was busy shopping this morning to bring you the freshest possible food, I did not have time to do my normal property inspection. Had you showed up at the normal time, the property would have
been ready. Both of the above services are not offered in my listing agreement however, I always try to make my guests comfortable and satisfy their requests. About 30 minutes after your arrival, some deficiencies were pointed out that I offered to remedy
immediately and could have satisfied had you allowed me to do that. You said you wanted to get some lunch and I could have easily changed the sheets and vacuumed the area rug. You chose to vacate the premises instead. That is a violation of our lease agreement.
I will make every effort to rent the property for the duration of your stay and if I do, will refund that portion of the rent to you that I able to recover. I encourage you to retake possession of the property until June 17. Otherwise, I will make my best
efforts to rent the property to someone else. Furthermore, I felt threatened with your son yelling at me. You also text me saying you locked the property. When I returned, the front door and sliders were all unlocked and the air conditioner was turned on and
left on. I urge you to reconsider. While technically I believe I have met all the terms of my lease, I will credit one nights stay as a gesture of good faith.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Here is the letter received from the guest this morning. "I think I need to explain what the problems were so you can see them from my families prospective . We walked in to the property the first thing we saw was the pool had green Algae on the walls, "
THIS IS A COMPLETE LIE. NOT A DROP OR SHADE OF GREEN ALGAE. HE MENTIONED THE POOL BECAUSE THERE WAS PINE NEEDLES ON THE BOTTOM AND I SAID POOL MAN COMES WEDNESDAY BUT I CAN GET THE FEW PINE NEEDLES FROM BOTTOM BEFORE I had mentioned the pools service comes wed most owners would of had the service company come the day prior to the guest arriving ? I own a pool an live in a 3,7 million $$$ home so you know what I am used to Then into the kitchen that look ok but when we opened the refrigerator I saw condiments from the other renters mustard, jelly ,kep etc that's not what we want to see I don't know who's fingers were in them .THIS IS COMKON PROACTICE TO HAVE CONDIMENTS, SPICES FOR OTHER RENTERS TO USE. All the bedrooms sheets an blankets were stained an the floors were dirty . LIE. AREA RUG NEEDED MORE VACUMING IN LIVING ROOM AND UNDER ONE COUCH THERE WERE SOME CRUMBS AND A BOTTLE CAP. The outside grill was a mess it should of been cleaned IT WAA CLEAN. out an wiped with bleach the out side refrigerator was all black mold inside . LIE AGAIN. Etc the couches were old an the furniture through out the home was dirty . LIE I have traveled the world an when I pay top money for a rental home I assume the home is perfect this was far from that . I found a place luckily that is a true Air B&B I stay in many across the country for work . The standards are very high . Next time you need to make sure the home is up to standard I read the reviews most men wouldn't care woman do my kids thought the home was designed nice but very dirty again I need to pick up a check by tomorrow .SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT THIS GUY IS MADE UP OF. Complete over exaggeration. Is my CPA boyfriend considered an objective witness? What about a housekeeper? Who or what is the best type of person I bring to witness the condition of the house?
Expert:  socrateaser replied 2 years ago.
If the guest has no proof, then he cannot prevail in court. He may have taken pictures with a smartphone. You could ask that he provide you with a copy of any pictures that he has to confirm his claims. If he produces pictures, then you will know what you're up against, and if he doesn't, then you will know that he has no proof -- which means he can't win in court. I would hire Merry Maids, or some other well-established cleaning service to come and give you a written quote to clean the property. Then, you can call the person who inspects the property as a witness without any connection to you. If your regular housekeeper is well-respected and has lots of clients, then that person's testimony may be sufficient. Your boyfriend is not a credible witness, no matter his reputation and/or credentials. Note: This Q&A session is quickly taking on the semblance of full legal services. I am receiving the rough equivalent of minimum wage, based upon your subscription plan. If you have further questions, please, either open a new Q&A session for each of your individual questions, or consider a bonus -- or, I can provide an additional services offer. Thanks for understanding. I hope I've answered your question. Please let me know if you require further clarification. And, please provide a positive feedback rating for my answer -- otherwise, I receive nothing for my efforts in your behalf.Thanks again for using!