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QUESTION FOR LUCY ONLYNot sure this is a question for you

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QUESTION FOR LUCY ONLY Not sure this is a question for you but as you are both a lawyer and a fraud consultant here, I was wondering if you can help me either with providing the following information, or with advising me where I can typically find it.

I will not disclose the name to begin with, as I will post a link so you can view next if needed, and I will remove the page behind the link, for confidentiality purpose, after.

The information I need to know is for which lawfirms a person X licensed lawyer of the FL Bar, has worked iwith from 1982 to 1987.

The search could be restricted to the Souther Florida counties (3). The person has stated that she was working for 3 lawfirms, it's public information, but the names of the lawfirms are not disclosed and I need to verify who they are.

The answer is to find the paper directories of lawyers back then ?? 


Paper directories from those years could help. A starting point is to confirm whether the lawyer was admitted to the bar in 1981, because that's easy to confirm. Some law firms might be able to confirm the prior employment, if you called, although it was so long ago that it's not likely.

Another option is to search old newspapers to see if there is any mention of cases the lawyer worked on, because it would usually say something like "Jane Doe, of XYZ Law Firm, represented the plaintiff...." So, it could take some digging, but that's where I would usually start.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for the information.

The admission to the bar in 1982 is verified. I checked the newspapers archives online, but there is nothing to be found.

How does one gets the paper directories typically ?

I would assume that calling the local association of the FL Bar would be an option,to find out if they have any paper directories of these years ?

Lexis Nexis has a special and additional program for judicial investigation.

It is part of the "LexisNexis Total Litigator" and especially the

"SmartLinx" search.

Do you think that I can post a question on this forum asking for a lawyer who has that tool of Lexis nexis to make a search on someone?

The Florida Bar would be most likely to have the paper directories, yes. You could also ask them if there is any sort of archive where they keep old directories. It's possible that they're stored somewhere.

You could try posting a new question to see if any of our experts have LexisNexis Total litigator with access to those records in Florida. I unfortunately don't have that package.
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