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I have been working as a subcontractor for a client for 18

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I have been working as a subcontractor for a client for 18 years. They are my main source of income. Recently I dropped other clients in order to service this one client because I could not keep up with the work load. I have just been informed that they will not be using me anymore and the reasons stated are unfair, untrue, perhaps slanderous. I was told that I am excellent at my job, but they would not be using me anymore. Do I have any rights here?
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You state that you were a subcontractor. Would I be correct to assume then that you had a written contract with this client? If yes, what did the contract state about terminating the business relationship?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No contract. I appraiser real estate. I believe that each order that they send over would be considered a contract. There are no terms, etc. , just what they want appraised. I work from my own office, own equip, own car, own certification and dba, etc

Yes, I understand that you were working as a contractor. I am trying to find out if you had any guarantees. Just so that I understand and have all of the facts, you had no agreement - verbal or otherwise - for a certain time period or number of orders. Is this correct?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes, that is correct.

Thank you for the additional information.

Unfortunately, if you had no written or verbal agreement that you would get X number of appraisals from them or that you would be their appraiser for X period of time, then they have the legal right to stop using you at any time. In order to protect against this, many busineses that work for other businesses will have contract language stating that they must be given X amount of days before terminating the business relationship or language stating that there are fees or penalties associated with terminating the relationship if there is no notice given. This is done to protect the business's income when a major client stops using them. They do have the legal right to use or not use a particular business, though.

With respect to slander or defamation, in order to have a legal cause of action against them for defamation, they would need to have stated false statements to a third party that they know are false and that injure your reputation. Legally, it is not enough that they made the statement to you. It needs to have been made to a third party.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.
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