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Our circus is incorporated in the state of Maine, and operates

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Our circus is incorporated in the state of Maine, and operates with 52 full time employees who travel throughout the sites together in motor homes and trailer truck rigs. The ages of the workers range from 5 to 85 and we have a number of live animals which travel with us: 3 white tigers, 2 male and 2 female elephants, one of whom is pregnant, and one baby elephant, 40 dogs, 10 horses, and one lion. Our lion tamer is from Africa, and she is neither a U.S. citizen, nor does she have a green card. (oops). We serve food at all circuses, but we utilize local vendors for that. In Springfield, one of the vendors serves beer, although none of our other locations serve alcohol. We bought an old cruise ship for our trip to London. Our captain is an independent contractor hired specifically for our crossings.

We will perform this year in 4 places: Atlanta Georgia; Springfield IL; Bangor Maine; and London England (TCO I).

1. What laws, administrative and municipal rules, agencies, permits, town rules, administrative and federal bodies, etc will we have to appease to be able to take our circus to each place? Child labor laws? Do they apply if all of our workers are children of other employees? What if they are children of the owners? Can they be trapeze artists?

2. What regulatory hurdles will we have to overcome to transport our animals from state to state and overseas?

3. Will International laws apply to us?
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The overall answer is you have to follow the laws of each local jurisdiction and the federal laws; as well as international law (I am sure you know this already).

For example, here is a link about animals in circuses and the laws that govern them:

Here is a link to each states' law regarding exotic animals:

Here is a link about UK and exotic animals:

Here is a link to the Maine statute addressing traveling shows:

With regard to minors, for example, Maine states that

Minors Who are 16 or 17: May work in nonhazardous jobs in manufacturing establish-ments, bakeries, laundries, drycleaning establishments and garages. They may also work in hotels; motels; commercial places of amusement, including skating rinks, circuses, arcades, bowling alleys and pool halls; and in all of the industries allowed for younger minors.

Here is a link to US child labor laws regarding child entertainment:

So, as you can see, you have a lot of work cut out for you. You need to have an attorney (or yourself) spend time (a few hours) initially and on an on going basis to make sure you are following the laws in each jurisdiction.

If you need clarification, or need to clarify your answer, or have a follow up question, please let me know.

Thank you, Damien
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