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I am currently on An IRS IA agreement. I received a letter

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I am currently on An IRS IA agreement. I received a letter stating a payment was missed, which I will be making tomorrow. I owe $50K on my 2012 and my IA is for $70K. Can I request that my 2012 balance be rolled into my current IA? My monthly payment is $3500

Legalinfomd : Hello. I will respond to your question.
Legalinfomd : You can request that your 2012 tax liability be rolled into your current IA. However, it may take a while after you file your 2012 return without the payment for it to catch up in the system and be transferred to the collections unit for an agent to be able to enter the payment plan.
Legalinfomd : Have you filed your 2012 return yet?
Customer: Yes, I received a balance due notice last week, but IA is active.
Customer: How long will it take for the 2012 return to go to the collections unit? Do I wait until that time to address it?
Legalinfomd : If you received the balance due notice, then you should contact them now in response to the notice. Tell them that you cannot pay the balance due, and that you will need an IA. Tell them that you already have an IA for prior year(s) and that you need to consolidate into one IA. That should get things moving in the right direction.
Legalinfomd : I hope that this information has been useful. Please be sure to leave a positive rating for my response. Thank you and good luck with your tax matter.
Customer: Thanks - does the IRS usually accommodate the request?
Legalinfomd : It all depends on the individual circumstances, but most recently, my experience has been that the IRS has been fairly accommodating.
Customer: Thanks. If they say no, can I appeal it and if so, how long does that process take?
Legalinfomd : The collection agent is given great deference in decision making. A successful appeal is unlikely. But if you can show lack of sufficient income and assets from which to pay, you should be fine.
Legalinfomd : Thank you again and good luck.
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