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Back about over 10 years ago I start building a ultralight

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Back about over 10 years ago I start building a ultralight aircraft under the FAA rule experimental amature owner build aircraft out of parts, and a kit purchased, the FAA rule requires at least 51% to be built by the owner and I did so,
Although the ultralight still in the works it has been airworthy by FAA and properly registered with the state of Arizona where I reside, A couple years ago due to ilness and financial issues I transfer title of this aircraft to an Arizona corporation that owned at the time, I have sold that corporation to my nephew but I remain the secretary of the corp so I can take advandage of this fact and work and fly the aircraft as well, a couple of months ago I received a questionaire from Arizona department of revenue in regards XXXXX XXXXX of this aircraft I filed in as i thought the most aproprietary questions and I sent it to now president of the corporation to sign it and sent back to the Ar. Dep. of revenuew, Today the corporation received a bil for over $11,000.00 for state taxes due for this aircraft and ofcourse I freaked out, it is got to be a way out of this, I did not contacted the arizona departmen tof revenue as of yet till I get some kind of advise in the mess that I got my self into,
Anyone can assist?
Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing just Answer. I would like to assist you today. I see that you have a rather complex legal/tax issue with your corporation. While I would like to assist you in sorting out this matter, I do not believe that our forum is the best resource for your question as you have posted it.

We can provide general information about tax questions or legal issues, but we cannot give you specific advice or instruction about how to best address a specific situation.

In your matter, I believe that you would be best suited in taking your information to a well qualified CPA or accountant to sort out the corporation's tax liability and see if there is an error in the way the last questionnaire was completed as it seems there was a misunderstanding that can be corrected. A CPA can help you with this matter and can usually do so for a reasonable fee.
CalAttorney2 and 2 other Business Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you Bill,

I appreciate your input,



You are welcome Yanis, I do wish I could have been of greater assistance in this matter, and I do wish you the very best of luck with your venture.