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I use to live in Tucson Meadows R.V. Resort and I needed to

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I use to live in Tucson Meadows R.V. Resort and I needed to leave there because the man next door to me had a junk yard and the owners would not do anything about it. When I did live there I put on several shows and video tape them. That was last year, I just saw my show on their web site with showing me and my husband without our permission and using that to have people believe that these shows happens all the time. There was no shows since mine.I use to generate business for them and always had a standing room only for each show. They knew I have moved from Tucson to Florida and they thought I would never see this. I am so furious that they would do this to us. These are my videos that was put on u tube for the people in the show to see so I wouldn't have to make them a copy. Tucson Meadow copy that and are using it for their benefit. Is there any thing I can do?? Thank you in advance.My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am 74 yrs old
Posting a work on You Tube does not put the video in the public domain. Such means You retain copyright in your video when you post it to YouTube.

However, by posting a video on YouTube one grants YouTube license to do pretty much whatever it wants with your work. That includes sublicensing it to others and modifying it (making derivative works). Such a license would terminate within “a commercially reasonable time” AFTER you remove your work from the YouTube.

To sue someone for copyright, you would need to register the videos with the US Copyright office.

Cost about $50 per video and you can do it yourself if you are good with computers.

That said, you can still send this person a Cease and Desist letter. Plenty of examples on the Internet.

If they do not stop, you would need to register your copyrights in the videos and hire an attorney to sue them for damages.

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