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Well its me again. We had a court date today but the attorney

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Well it's me again. We had a court date today but the attorney we have want's to settle with us owning 2500.00.
I asked why he would not challenge the seven to eight different amounts that were presented by the property manager. He said it made no difference because the onus was on us to prove payment. I understood that but when I spoke with another attorney with considerable experience in this area he stated that she would be obliged to explain her different dollar amounts as it caused confusion to us, the defendants. In addition he asked us when she presented the bills. April 2013. We filed Chapter 7 last Oct and as a result the attorney that I spoke with stated, due to the fact that we did not know of this amount and could have claimed it, we could have the chapter 7 amended and reopened. I have no idea of the cost for such but would like your opinion.
Hello again,

To be very honest with you, bankruptcy is not really an area where I practice much so I wouldn't be the best resource for determining what it would cost to re-open a BK case. Your previous attorney would obviously be your best bet for getting it done reasonably since s/he would already have the case file and be familiar with it.
But if I were to ballpark it, I wouldn't imagine it would cost over $750 or so to re-open it and request that the debt be added to it. At any rate, I would opine that it would be cheaper to re-open the BK case than it would be to pay the judgment/settlement.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.



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