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my friend got arrested for a second DUI offense. his license

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my friend got arrested for a second DUI offense. his license got suspended.
he has a9 to 5 job so he still drives his car. his car is in the shop now and he wants to borrow my car. he says the police cannot impound my car if he gets pulled over because the car is not register to him. Is this true? will my insurance go up? can they penalize me for letting him use my car knowing he does not have a valid drivers license?

Hello there


Your friend is telling you a load of bunk. If you let him use your car, not only can and will it be impounded, it will be held for 30 days before release and you (the legal owner) are responsible for all of the towing and storage fees for that time period. There are also additional charges if he should have had an interlock device installed in whatever car he is driving and he uses someone else's car to get around that interlock device requirement. Here is a link to the CA law that states this out very clearly -- You need to tell your friend that you want no part of what he is suggesting and that he should apply for a hardship license which will permit him to go to and from work




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