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In 2005 my wife, at the time, and I purchased a car together

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In 2005 my wife, at the time, and I purchased a car together in California. We are named jointly on the title. We since divorced and I moved to Ohio. While in Ohio, my ex wife agreed to meet me at an Ohio Department of Vehicles office so I could register the car in Ohio. She needed to be present for me to do so. That was in 2010. I moved to Oregon this year and my Ohio registration will expire next year. I do not know where my ex wife is and have no way to contact her. She may have remarried and changed her name. Is it possible for me to register my car in Oregon next year without her being present?

I am a professional here to assist you. I appreciate your use of this service. In Oregon, a vehicle can be registered via the mail. Visiting the DMV is not required. The application only requires the signature of one joint owner. The title issued would be in the name of both joint owners. You should contact the, Oregon DMV, but it does not seem that an appearance at the physical location is required. Here is the site with the application:

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