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Hello; You have helped me before and i have a new question.

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You have helped me before and i have a new question. I am currently pro se after two years of paying for an attorney and i can no longer afford one full time due to the constant letters going back and forth that have just been running up the bill enormously.

My question is. Are you aware of any third party services that can assist me in responding to and order to show cause. I am not looking to hire a new attorney to represent me rather just some assistance in responding that i gladly will pay for. Do such services exist. Who ever i engage i will assume 100% responsibility for but just looking for some guidance here. Thank you very much
Hello again,

NY State does not license "paralegal" professionals. No person may practice law unless he/she is admitted to practice before the Courts of the State of New York. Judiciary Law § 478.

That said, there are 1,000s of paralegals in the state who regularly and routinely violate this law, some may even advertise their services (click here for examples), they may pretend to be licensed attorneys or not, some are quite accomplished, while others may be total hacks.

The reality of the legal profession is that the average person can't afford legal services, the average lawyer is under so much financial and regulatory overhead that he/she cannot accept cases except at high fees, and so there is a range of potential client, like yourself, who needs services, but cannot legally procure them.

There is no paralegal license certification in NY, and even if there were, paralegals can only work for attorneys, otherwise a paralegal would be practicing law.

BotXXXXX XXXXXne, you may be able to find someone to help you at a reduced cost, but you're basically rolling the dice, because no one regulates paralegals, and there is no way to determine their competency in advance.

You may want to visit a public law library and inspect some matrimonial law practice guides. You may find that, despite the high cost of actually purchasing one of these tomes, that it may be worth the cost, because some of them contain form pleadings for practically every circumstance. Here's an example. Here's another.

That about covers the possibilities. If you hit a stumbling block, feel free to come back here and ask a question.

Hope this helps.
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