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u answered my question about rent a center last night i just

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u answered my question about rent a center last night i just want to no if there r any criminal litigation here and they r harassing me came to my home how do i stop this harrassment

Kirk Adams : Hi - thanks for your question; sorry for the delay in responding.
Kirk Adams : These matters generally are civil - - not criminal.
Kirk Adams : All the company wants is its money back, and there's usually no grounds for a criminal charge.
Kirk Adams : It is possible that fraud charges could be filed IF there was proof of some intent to defraud the company, etc.

they r harrassing me and my son with 4 phone calls per day they came to my home looking for me i was not home how do i stop this

Kirk Adams : However, that's really not the main agenda of the company - - the company really just wants its money/property.
Kirk Adams : As for stopping them from contacting you.....
Kirk Adams : You can demand that they discontinue contacting you under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
Kirk Adams : You can send a letter to the creditor demanding that they stop contacting you about the debt.

what if they dont stop what r my options

Kirk Adams : IF they don't stop, you can file a complaint with the FTC:

they came to my home looking for the tvs i dont have them i told them 100 times to not come to my home i just had a eye operation stop bothering for now and they wont stop

Kirk Adams : If you tell them to stop contacting you, they should comply - - HOWEVER, they still have the right to sue you for the debt, and if you inform them not to contacf you anymore, that will be their next action.
Kirk Adams : You have to send them a letter in writing under the FTC rules....
Kirk Adams : You may want to try to offer a settlement and see if you can work something out BEFOREyou tell them not to contact you - - because they'll likely sue after getting the letter.

what is the ftc and where do i right this letter to

Kirk Adams : The FTC is the Federal Trade Commission, who administers the Fair Debt Collection Practices ACt.
Kirk Adams : You send the letter to the company - - you would send a letter to the credit headquarters; you can send a copy to the local office.

is there telephone # XXXXX ftc


please reply yes or no to the prev question

Kirk Adams : I'm looking to see if I can find a #
Kirk Adams : Here's a link that provides all of the contact information:

im 69 years old im a little slow bear with me imgoing to right a letter to rent a center if they still harrass me contact ftc is that true thank u very much for ur help please answer

Kirk Adams : Yes, you can write a letter to the company and demand that they stop contacting you, and IF they continue, you could then file a complaint with the FTC.

im not very good with the computer could i go there in person or a telephone number


please reply

Kirk Adams : Go where in person

to ftc headquerters in nj

Kirk Adams : The FTC is in Washington DC:
Kirk Adams : Federal Trade CommissionXXXXX NWWashington, DC 20580(202)(NNN)

please reply isthere a ftc headquerters in nj where i could go in person

Kirk Adams : No - the FTC is in DC

thank u very much im rating ur advise as excellent

Kirk Adams : Glad to help!
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