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How can I find out if a law firm is a real partnership or really

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How can I find out if a law firm is a real partnership or really lawyers sharing office space claiming to be partners
1. How can I find out if a law firm is a real partnership or really lawyers sharing office space claiming to be partners

First let me say that Rule 7.5(c) of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct prohibits Lawyers from holding themselves out as having a partnership with one or more other lawyers unless they are in fact partners. So, if there is a reason to believe that a lawyer is in violation, he or she can be reported to the bar association by complaint and after investigation, if it is determined that he or she is in violation,then that lawyer can be sanctioned accordingly.

One way to find out who the partners are in any business, including a law firm, is to check the NYS Division of Corporations, State Records, and UCC. Specifically, the Corporations & Business Entity Database. I have provided the web address below.

In addition, section 468-a of the Judiciary Law and 22 NYCRR Part 118 of the Rules of the Chief Administrator of the Courts also require the biennial registration of all attorneys admitted in the State of New York, so in the alternative you can contact the NYS Office of Court Administration, Attorney Registration Unit at(NNN) NNN-NNNNto check the registration information that a lawyer has submitted.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I looked it up on the database per below. Still seems to be a front. Have been there many times and never met a partner named Cohen, and in fact the name of the other partner Cohen has a page on the ointernet as a firm in his name only and seems to own a legal internet marketing company specializing in lawyers. If this partnership is more or less a front, is that a violation? This lawyer really took me for a ride, and his recent actions of filing a complaint then backing off the next dayy wanting to take it off the table, then resigning and making false claims, which caused the opposition to attack me based on his false claims is really damaging. At one point he said about my form er lawyer "did you get that in writing" and I said "No" his response was. "then he'll lie about it". That was disturbing and is when I asked him for a bill which he'd never billed me but constantly asked me for meetings to discuss things he never followed up on. After, did not want meetings without clear purpose and he got really snarky and nasty after. Wish I never hired this man. He had a legal assistant of 4 years go on maternity leave, then after complained "I'm just one guy". He should not have taken my case and is a terribly disorganized person, who after I never received the home appraisal for weeks discovered he sent it to another client from FL. Who as it was grew up with me, and he discussed my father, which was unethical and still never emailed me the appraisal though I got a hardcopy after that. I wanted to buy the house, and he sent a network partner, who specializes in selling distressed properties who was trying to talk me out of buying it. This lawyer turned out to me a nightmare, and the fact he quit, and lied about the reasons is hurting my case and of course makes it harder to hire another lawyer. I know it's not a real partnership but below is what it says on the database.


Initial DOS Filing Date:MARCH 20, 2007
Jurisdiction:NEW YORK
Current Entity Status:ACTIVE


Q2. If this partnership is more or less a front, is that a violation?

Absolutely, any purported partnership must be an actual partnership. In other words, lawyers are not allowed to misrepresent their firm status to the public - at all. A complaint can always be filed as stated above, if it is believed that such violation is occurring. Complaints must include all the information available that suggests that there is no actual partnership. The Bar takes violations of the rules quite seriously and will investigate the claim fully.

Keep in mind also that attorneys can be sued for malpractice. And since those suits are often taken on a contingency basis, meaning no up front fee, inability to afford an attorney under ordinary circumstances generally does not prohibit one from being able to hire an attorney to pursue a malpractice action.