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I am being scammed as we speak by Alliance Direct Management

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I am being scammed as we speak by Alliance Direct Management for close to $10,000. What do I do? I have done 2 transfers to the shenzhen Development bank to the ADR Ltd. How do I get this back?

BizIPEsq. :

Hello, I will be assisting you

BizIPEsq. :

Question: Are you in the US?

Customer: No I am in Japan
BizIPEsq. :

I will be the bearer of bad news so please do not shoot the messenger

Customer: Go
BizIPEsq. :

if you transfered the money by wire then it is a total loss. I'm sorry to say that. In fact the money's final destination is probably not the account you wired to.

Customer: Nothing I can do then?
BizIPEsq. :

If you used a bank to wire the money then you should immediately file a fraud complaint with the bank

Customer: I used a bank here in Japan.
BizIPEsq. :

I'm not sure if the bank will be able to do anything but at least the fraudulent account will be marked

BizIPEsq. :

you should also file a complaint with the police

Customer: Japanese Police?
BizIPEsq. :


Customer: Is there an authority elsewhere that monitors these things?
BizIPEsq. :

interpol does. They typically have an office or a representative in every country

BizIPEsq. :


BizIPEsq. :

the interpol does have the power to issue international arrest warrants

BizIPEsq. :

one possible way to recover the money (or portion) is with the following:

Customer: listening
BizIPEsq. :

1) many home insurance policies have a fraud provision. If you have one look for coverage there

Customer: OK will check that.
BizIPEsq. :

2) loss due to fraud may be written off for tax purposes and you might recoup some of the money that way

BizIPEsq. :

Realistically these two are your only two options to recover the money

Customer: And talk to Bank as well
BizIPEsq. :

yes! although unlikely that they will reverse but see what they have to sat

BizIPEsq. :

typo: say

Customer: How do I prove to Insurance company or gov. that this was fraud?
BizIPEsq. :

by filing a police report that would be your proof of fraud

BizIPEsq. :

I trust this answered your question

Customer: Guess it does...
Customer: Thanks,
BizIPEsq. :

you are welcome

BizIPEsq. :

Please rate my service.

BizIPEsq. :

Without your rating I do not get compensated for my work

Customer: OK I won't shoot the messenger!
BizIPEsq. :

thank you...

Customer: Have a better day than mine...
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