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Question for Lucy only Plaintiff has communicated no valid

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Question for Lucy only Plaintiff has communicated no valid physical address to the Court or even since 2008 that I met him. It's been PO BOXES on every contracts, the insurance moneys were sent c/o his sister, and he gave his address as the address of his lawyer at some point so now there are returned envelopes in the docket, mail undeliverable, the lawyer does not want to get his mail anymore or he's on the run or they had a fight or what not ? Is this a normal situation ? Now this guy has been granted relief of considerable sums of money, and in the event that the judge does not stay her judgment after filing my appeal, I would be (virtually...) paying someone with no known address and if I win the appeal, what are my chances to get my money back from a guy on the run? Does a warrant for garnishment or for money not require the address of the issuer ? Can someone recover money and run away with it ?
Good morning,

It's not terribly unusual for a party to have all of his mail related to a particular case sent to his lawyer. It would be odd to have all mail, period sent to his lawyer without the lawyer's prior consent or approval.

The difficulties in recovering the money from someone with no known address or employment are a good argument if you decide to file a Motion to Stay Judgment pending appeal, or ask that the monies be paid into escrow with the courts. You're right - it could be tough to get the money back, if he doesn't have a property you can attach and there is no way to garnish his wages. Another option is to ask the judge to order him to provide a current, physical address - but that unfortunately won't stop him from moving. There is unfortunately only so much that can be done if someone is really determined to hide assets and avoid paying, so they work for cash, don't maintain an address, and have money in bank accounts overseas or something like that.

If he tried to have your wages garnished, most likely, he would use his attorney's address. That could mean his current lawyer, but he could also hire someone who specializes in collections.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank youy Lucy, but how do I ask for the order to communicate address ? What type of procedure is that, pursuant to which rule ? Is it just a letter to the judge ?

There are different ways to do it. If I had a hearing scheduled, it's a request that I might just raise at the hearing. It could also be included as part of a Motion to Stay, as alternative relief. Some people would just file a Motion to Order Plaintiff to Provide Mailing Address, and explain why you want it and that mail is being returned as undeliverable.
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