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I am in the process of registering to become a Notary Public

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I am in the process of registering to become a Notary Public in Minnesota. No test is required. Have joined the National Notary Association, and they have a hotline I can call if I have a question. My question to you is, what advice would you give a fledgling Notary Public? What is the biggest problem lawyers have with NPs? I do not want to carry a lot of insurance, nor do I want to be a mobile NP at this time. I will probably just be a Notary in my company (UnitedHealth Group). What should I do to be the best Notary I can be? Thank you!
Hello, I will be assisting you.

Congratulations on your upcoming commission.

Here are some tips and observations:
1) be a stickler to the rules even with friends and family.
2) do not go beyond your commission. You may end up seeing a lot of transactions and getting expertise in subject matter that is outside the law but don't be tempted to lend advice as that would be the illegal practice of law
3) become an expert in marketing yourself and your services -- don't be shy in spreading the word
4) you indicated that you don;t wish to be mobile but to the extent possible if you are willing to stop by client on the way to places then you can in effect act like a mobile notary without being one.
5) finally, you already sought certification from the national organization and that is excellent! You are a head of the game.

For attorneys availability of the notary is probably the most important factor. Set regular hours and location to the extent possible so folks know where to find you. If you are able to be flexible then you can carve yourself a niche.

Congratulations once again.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. How much insurance do you suggest I carry against being sued? $25,000 comes with my membership in the Nat'l Notary Assoc. Do I need more? My company has told me I am covered as far as business notarizing goes.

Have you heard of Notaries getting sued? Or is that very rare?


I am very skilled at marketing myself, so that's not a problem when I decide to take up mobile Notarizing as a small business.

Excellent follow ups.

Most of the E&O (errors and omissions) insurance policies I've seen range from $25k - $100k of coverage. Generally speaking, notaries don't get sued too often so the cost of insurance is fairly low. Obviously with the purchase of insurance one never knows what the future would bring. Possibly consider purchasing an additional $25k from the same provider and that would put you in the middle of the pack, though with insurance more is often better. The cost of $100,000 of coverage is usually around $100 a year so if you can afford it consider buying the most.
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