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Lucy, Esq.
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Question for Lucy only Hi Lucy, I have my hearing today

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Question for Lucy only
Hi Lucy,

I have my hearing today and here is my question:

First we need to assume that the judge will allow my amendments to the deemed motion that is on the agenda of that hearing. It is a motion rule 1.530, so only one re-haring is allowed in FL (1000% verified)

Based on that assumption, can I move the court verbally "ore tenus" to continue the hearing at a further date in order to hear my defense based on the recently filed affidavits that I have not communicated to the judge yet, and that I will communicate at the hearing ?

Or should I ask reconsideration of the order denying my motion for New Trial and to issue an order for a New Trial based on the facts witnessed by the affidavits ?
Good morning,

Good luck at the hearing today.

You do have the option of orally moving for a continuance, but judges rarely grant a continuance at the hearing in the absence of an extremely good hearing. You may have to be prepared to proceed with all of your arguments in case he says no. If the hearing doesn't go your way, then you have the option of asking him to reconsider the Motion for New Trial. Hopefully, that won't be necessary.
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