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Hi Paul. I am owed approximately $80,000.00 for work performed

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Hi Paul. I am owed approximately $80,000.00 for work performed by me (offices in Maryland) to a company located in Philadelphia. Not having been paid, I would like to file a UCC Lien against the company assets. I believe I should file the lien in Maryland but will that be sufficient or do I also need to file in PA? My intent is to file the lien and then provide 10 days (following State approval of the lien) time for the company to pay me. After that, it is then my intent to act upon the filed lien. Is this the correct way to handle this?
Thank you for your question and for asking for me again.

The lien can actually be filed in MD and PA under the UCC. You can also file a mechanic's lien physically against the deed of their property in MD where you did the work in addition to the UCC lien at the Secretary of State's office. Once you file the liens you can foreclose on the mechanic's lien on the deed to seek to take their property or you can sue on the UCC liens to seize bank accounts to pay your bill.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Just s I understand. I will file a UCC Lien in Maryland AND Pennsylvania.


I can then file a lien against their property deed which is located in Phila., and I only need to file that in Maryland?


Can you direct me to the forms I need since I am doing that this week? $80000 is a bit much.


Thanks Paul and I will accept on the next reply. As usual, you are extremely helpful.



I think we may be confused here.

First, you can file the UCC liens in both PA and MD and you can get the UCC -1 form from the secretary of state's office in each state.

As far as filing a mechanic's lien, I brought that up because I thought you did work on their property in MD and if you did work to improve their property in MD, you would file the mechanics lien against that property in MD, not PA.

However, if you just file the UCC-1, you can still sue in court for violation of the UCC-1. See: MD UCC-1 (which provides you the national UCC-1 form which can be filed in every state where this company is located).
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