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Team, Rental property in Maryland: - I own a rental proper

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Rental property in Maryland:

- I own a rental proper and the rent is $1050.00 a month. The tenants have been in the property since 1 March 2013. May 7th, the tenants paid $960.00 to the property manager "Coldwell Bankers" and they accepted the money, which isi lees than the rent.

-I am responsible for paying the water bill and the tenants are responible for reinburnsting me the money. The tenants have not reimbursed the money as of today.

Question 1: May I ask the property to notify the tenants that I will start eviction proceeding if the remainer of the rent is not paid up within 30 days of the due date which is 1 May 2013?

Question 2: May I ask the property manager to notify the tenants that I will start eviction proceeding if they do not pay their portion of the water bill 30 days after they were notified to pay?


Hello and thank you for using the JA website.

What does the lease state about late rental payments and eviction?

What does the lease state about the water bill?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Lease does not address partial payment. It does state that all monies must be paid by the 5th working day of the month. If not the tenants are in breach of the lease.

Water Bill: The tenants must reimbuse me within fifteen(15) days receipt of the bill and such failure shall consitute a default.
If the rent is late and the tenant is in breach of the lease, you are allowed to begin eviction proceedings and you have the right to inform the tenant that you are about to begin eviction proceedings.

Please let me know if you need any further information and thanks for allowing me to assist you this morning.
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